Gourmet Sausage Sandwiches

The Über Sausage

With a truly great sausage, one can do great things.

SandwichBite into any of our sausage sandwiches and you'll see what we mean. Each one is a study in tastes and textures that is always fresh and savory to the palate. Every Uber Sausage sandwich is also hearty and satisfying, just as a sausage sandwich should be.

Consider our ingredients – naturally raised, hand-made bison, chorizo, chicken, beef, veal and pork sausages – each combined with just the right sweet, savory or spicy homemade condiments and crunchy veggie and fruit combinations aboard an artisan baked bun.

Together, it all makes for a darn tasty sandwich.

Introducing Uber Eats

Uber Eats logoUber Eats is the sister location of Uber Sausage. Formerly known as Uber Sausage LoHi, we have renamed it to go along with our expanded menu that now includes burgers, roasted chicken, braised beef, salads and so much more, in addition to the gourmet sausage sandwiches you already love. Come check out our new menu and daily specials!